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Yotsuba Koiwai
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This spunky little 6 year old has been in the world of WONDERLAND for over a year. When she originally came to the mansion, she had been brought to the mansion after a large fireworks festival in her home town -- fireworks that bloomed like large flowers in the sky. Her house and her father are lost; they're silly after all. However, she somehow managed to get back to homeworld, and when she came back right after thanksgiving, she was still the same age but with more adventures under her belt.

Yotsuba's experienced many things since her arrival here; and she's met many spirited individuals. In the beginning, she stayed with one Time Witch Yuuko Ichihara, but as time passed, she managed to become very close with The Melodious Nocture, Demyx.

So close that after beautiful and rather large green clovers from around the mansion were burned down, she felt that Demyx was just like how her father was. She's the closest to her surrogate-father, Xigbar and Luxord because of how often she sees them.

She's the little girl that can worm her way into your heart, even if you seem rather guarded and protective. She's a force to be reckoned with, and an even greater force is at her disposal if ever anything tries to hurt her. In all honesty, it'd be better to be friends than enemies with her. >_>

♣ Mansion Relationships ♣

Surrogate Family
Demyx - Mr. Magic Water Guy"Daddy" He's the one that she goes to first if she ever has a problem. She cares about him the most.

Xigbar - "Scarface" Demyx's significant other and roommate. Because of his relationship to Demyx, Yotsuba treats him just like Demyx. Another person whom she's very attached to and if Demyx isn't available, "Scarface" is always next in line.

Luxord - "Luxer" is Yotsuba card game partner if only because he lived in Demyx and Xigbar's closet for the longest time. He's always fun to be around and in the top three. :3

Tamaki Suoh - "Tamaki-nii-chan" He was the first person to comfort her when she realized that she had gotten lost and that her father was nowhere to be found. He may not always be there, but he's always made sure that she was treated well and that she always had some beautiful music to listen to.

Roxas - "Roxas" is one of the rare people that has no nickname. He offered to take her around when she was sick during her event back in January. She loves to draw pictures with him, and hang out with him. She was the flower girl at his and Axel's wedding and loved every moment of it.. even though for a time she was convinced Roxas really WAS a girl... ... crazy crossdressers.

Rattrap - "Uncle RT" helped her on Christmas Eve when she needed to deliver presents for everyone when she was sick. He allowed her to use him as a carrying cart and even let himself wear a red nose and reindeer antlers.

Deep Not-So-Secret Crush:
Marluxia - "Marly" has been her crush since April. This incarnation of Marluxia replaced the first one she had grown feelings for, but he's still just as nice even though everyone's told her to stay away from the Graceful Assassin. She may not really understand feelings at this age, but, if he weren't around she would be just as sad as if her father disappeared. To show her non-familial affections for him, she gave him one of the two things that he's always been searching for -- a heart.

Sora - "Assistant Sora" was met during her event back in January, but she didn't really get close to him until after the 21 Sacraments Fall Out event when she went out to put bandaids on people who were hurt. He led her around and much like Roxas, she draws a lot with him.
Nuriko - "Nuriko" found the little ball of sunshine when she had been turned into a digimon. When she was turned back after the end of the event, he let her stay with him until her parental units came to claim her. He's offered to make her look like a pretty little girl, given her shinies and for the most part is really nice to her.
Axel - "Spikey" is Roxas' husband. And because Roxas is in love with him, Yotsuba is convinced that the pyro is a good person. He's normally around when Yotsuba's visiting Roxas, so, it's only a matter of time before they have their own personal stories.
Saix - "Moonpaw" was given the name when Demyx told her that his name was 'Moonpaw'. She's never been able to call him anything else other than that. She likes the fact that he can make cakes and lots of good food (although none can compare to Super Good Sandwich that Scarface can make) and while he's rather quiet and gruff, she knows he's a nice person.
Vexen - "Vexen" met Yotsuba right after the 21 Sacraments Fall Out event. She had randomly met him when she was giving out clover bandaids to everyone. He helped her pick large clovers for everyone in the mansion and he's taken care of her when she was sick.
Zexion - "Zexion" has been the storyteller to Yotsuba's little adventuring imagination. He's read her many different fairy tales and other adventurous stories. Upon hearing that Yotsuba recieved an Black Org Coat from someone (most likely the Superior), he gave Yotsuba her official rank and title in the Organization: XIV, the Gentle Dreamer. She may have never been a nobody, and he hopes to whatever deity there is that she'll never be used as some type of tool that could undoubtedly hurt her and everyone in the mansion.
Con Smith - "Bad Word Guy" said lots of bad words to her one day when he complained about how he couldn't sleep because of people having .. uh.. adult relations with each other.
Ushiwaka - "Waka" made the clovers grow. He made so many of them grow and Yotsuba likes him a lot for that; she's especially happy because he made a special garden specifically with him in mind. Her "treasure garden".
Frederic Francois Chopin - Frederic, much like Tamaki-nii-chan, plays the piano. He's treated her with nothing but utmost kindness, and he's shared cake!

Richard. He's a meanie head. DX He burned down the clovers and showed no remorse. For that she'll never like him.

Points of Interest

[*] Her character event was the first happy event for entranceway
[*] Yotsuba is not affected by any of the Silent Hill events.
[*] She was Roxas and Axel's flower girl for their wedding.
[*] If she's messed with, at least three of her dark coat wearing guardian angels will pwn your ass.
[*] Yotsuba has been aged up to an adult twice during her stay in the mansion.
[*] She knows how to roll Katamari's.
[*] Xigbar taught her how to make a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
[*] She was replaced with a future version of herself for a week that freaked her father out, and helped him and Scarface 'share a special adult moment'. Stress relief. You know how that goes.
[*] Yotsuba is prone to getting sick when inhaling The Caterpillar's smoke.
[*] Yotsuba Koiwai is played by the ever awesome leochan for the RP entranceway

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